Thumb - IoT Systems for Precision Agriculture

Innovation Factor

  • Data collection system through sensors to process them within a computational model
  • Predictive model of process behavior
  • From the developed model, the segment requiring this project can prescribe customized alternatives to the business, including simulations in the developed system

Advantages of the research line

  • Increased productivity per area
  • Greater resistance to diseases
  • Greater traceability of inputs and final products
  • Increased automation and waste reduction
  • Reduction of pests in crops
  • Understanding of the variables that influence the business
  • Predictive analysis of changes with prescriptive models for a competitive advantage for the business

Segments covered

  • Different crops in the agribusiness sector
  • Electric sector – research development in the area of energy generation to understand how modifications of variables are important for the business
  • Agribusiness
Thumb - IoT Systems for Precision Agriculture

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